Strategies for Connecting with Local Animal Therapist

Strategies for Connecting with Local Animal Therapist

One of the great benefits of being in the field of animal therapy is that different therapies often complement one another and can be used in conjunction with each other. Because your clients may often need different animal therapy services, then connecting with other animal therapists is a great strategy. Here’s how to do it. The Power of Referrals Let’s say you’re an equine chiropractor. One of your clients’ horses is recovering from a long-term issue that involves not only a skeletal Read more [...]

How to Handle Price Raises for Your Animal Therapy Business

When you run a business for years and years, then at some point you’ll need to raise your prices. And while that’s part of running any business, raising prices can be particularly tricky when you’re working with clients and offer a service-based business. These tips can help you to navigate price raises in a professional way. Figure Out What You Need to Charge Wondering if it’s time to raise your prices? Then it’s time to calculate your cost of doing business. Here’s how: Add Read more [...]
How to Make the Most of Advertising Your Animal Therapy Business

How to Make the Most of Advertising Your Animal Therapy Business

Have you ever thought of taking out an ad to promote your animal therapy business? Advertising can complement your existing marketing strategy, but the cost of advertising often scares small business owners off. If you’d like to try advertising, be sure to review these five tips to help you get started. Start Small One major aspect of advertising is testing, so you don’t want to spend your entire advertising budget right away. Instead, shop around and look for a few different advertising Read more [...]

4 Ways to Encourage Your Clients to Schedule Future Animal Therapy Appointments

One of the challenges of running an animal therapy business is often motivating your clients to schedule future appointments. You’ve worked on their animals, their animals look and feel good, so why should they book another appointment immediately? These four tips can help you to encourage your clients to schedule future appointments ahead of time so you’re not dealing with as many last-minute bookings. Educate Your Clients on the Benefits of Additional Appointments When an animal seems Read more [...]

Preparing for Injury as an Animal Therapist

As an equine professional working with horses everyday, there’s a very real possibility that you could be injured at some point during your career. When you’re self-employed, the potential of an injury becomes even more frightening. Here are four important steps to take to prepare yourself and your business for an injury – before one occurs. Get Health Insurance An injury that keeps you out of work means you won’t have an income, and even minor injuries can be expensive if you’re Read more [...]

Important Biosecurity Practices to Incorporate into Your Animal Therapy Business

Your animal therapy business takes you to dozens of different barns and stables in a single week, but how often do you think about biosecurity? With many contagious diseases that affect horses, good biosecurity practices are essential for equine professionals who travel. These tips can help you to develop a comprehensive biosecurity program to keep your clients and their animals safe. Develop Biosecurity Precautions If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to develop some biosecurity precautions. Read more [...]

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Grow Your Animal Therapy Business

How are you currently bringing new clients in to your animal therapy business? Whether you’re an equine chiropractor, an equine massage therapist, or an equine bodyworker, growing your business can be an ongoing challenge. Content marketing is one solution. What Is Content Marketing? Content marketing may sound intimidating, but you’re probably already using some content marketing techniques already. Content marketing refers to using content – like blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, Read more [...]

How to Choose the Animal Therapy School That’s Best for You

If you’d like to become an animal therapist, then one of the first steps on your career path will be to choose an animal therapy school. Whether you want to become an equine chiropractor, an equine massage therapist, or any other type of animal bodyworker, you’ll need a quality education to help you get started. But with so many animal therapy schools out there, how do you choose which is right for you? These tips can help you to narrow down your choices. Find a Serious School You’ll Read more [...]
How to Use Goals to Drive the Growth of Your Animal Therapy Business

How to Use Goals to Drive the Growth of Your Animal Therapy Business

Where do you want to see your animal therapy business in 5 years? How about 10 years? Or 15 years? If you want to grow your business, find new clients, refine your skills, or just evolve your business, then setting goals is a great way to do this. But you need to follow a specific process as you set goals and work to achieve them. Here’s how goals can help you to grow your animal therapy business. Why Goals Work Goals give you a concrete idea to work toward. When you’re running a business, Read more [...]

How to Get More Referrals for Your Animal Therapy Business

If you’re looking to grow your animal therapy business client base, then referrals from current clients can definitely help. However, there are some important steps you’ll need to take in order to make it easy for clients to refer your business. These techniques can work for equine chiropractors, equine massage therapists, animal acupuncturists, and more. Create Marketing Materials It’s difficult for clients to refer you if you have a limited presence online, or if you have limited marketing Read more [...]